Casa del Popolo di Settignano

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IMPORTANT: since the location is a Circolo ARCI a valid membership is required (€15,00 / year)

Kids accompanied by game developer parents are more than welcome!

Board games are really loved

There will be special award if you create a game about Social issues and/or People.

There is a basic Wi-Fi but it's better to have a personal hotspot/tethering just in case.

There are several bars, restaurants and a food shop just outside the building

There is a nice garden with ping pong and football area just outside the jam rooms.

There are many quiet places where to stay to think and relax, but we can't stay open in the night, sorry

There are KiloLiters of good and free water!

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accompanied kids
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enhance your Calcio Balilla (Table football) game with tons of fun using these simple cards to give malus/bonus powers to playing teams.
a collaborative card game: build your Casa del Popolo (House of the People), then fix it and free it from problems and errant creatures.
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