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Welcome to The 'Foundry' @UWEBristol!  

Possibly one of the best/largest FREE jam sites in the UK! (possibly).

We'll be linking images of the dedicated jam space in the Foundry & works soon, but will also be making labs available if we go north of 200 jammers!! (#Lifegoals!)

UPDATE: Planned timings, locations and talks now all finalised. Please see below for details of the three speakers and revised perks! We're delaying everything slightly so our 9-5 jammers won't miss-out too much! 

Speakers 2020

Last year we hosted 3 talks from AAA developer R* North, this year we have three talks, starting with Buildbox, and then doing the Bristol Indie scene proud with our speakers: Alistair Aitcheson & Foggy Box Games.

BuildBox: Buildbox is No-code development platform focused on game creation without programming, coding or scripting. It's also great for rapid prototyping, or even a change of pace for seasoned developers from their game engine of choice! Sean Parmenter will give a short overview of what the platform is capable of.

Edible Jam: Chris and Alastair from FoggyBox Games will guide us through life after @UWEGames graduation, and the trials and tribulations of trying to ready a multiplayer, multi-platform game-jam game for commercial release. 

Playable Keynote: Join indiedev creator of the award winning "Incredible Playable Show",  Alistair Aitcheson as he brings video games to the stage as a live interactive performance. He’s made games using paper shredders, barcode scanners and wearable buttons. 

In this keynote he’ll share what he’s learnt working with unusual hardware, and give jammers the chance to take part in some raucous crowd-based games.

Location / Parking

By bus: Walk up the short, steep path into UWE, in the middle of the bus rank. Walk through 3 sets of double doors and go up the stairs between the Foundry + Barber shop to the Works on arrival. 

By car: Pickup and drop-off is possible in a dedicated bay, just after the main bus rank, but free parking is possible in the UWE ECC, just a short walk away. If you have hardware, suggest drop off, as Foundry / Works is only 100M from the bus rank.

Friday Schedule

3:00 pm onwards - Earlybirds arrive at 'The Works' (above Foundry). Regsitration will officially open no later than 4pm (but hopefully a little sooner). Grab a coffee from Core 24 or the Grill down the corridor if we're not quite done.

(3:30pm Build-up for presenters begins in the theatre)

4:00 pm - Registration officially opens (in "The Works"). Registration will be via mobile tablets or on your own device from this url: (OPENS FRIDAY). Please do go and talk to the great folks from BuildBox too, who may also have some perks with them!

5:00 pm - Follow Foundry interns from Works to the GGJ Welcome Talks (x3) + GGJ Keynotes + Theme.

NB: Please register before arriving at  Lecture Theature 2B025 as the presentations may be being recorded. 

Presentation Running Order:  (Subject to change) 

- Andy King: Welcome to Global Game Jam 2020 @UWE_Foundry!!

- Sean Parmenter - BuildBox Showcase

- Chris & Alastair -  FoggyBox Games

- Alistair Aitcheson - 'Playable Keynote'

- Global GameJam Video Keynote + Theme

7:00 pm #GAMEDEV COMMENCES Foundry / Works spaces / GamesTech + Additional team-formation as required.

Saturday Schedule

5:00 pm - GIANT PIZZA DELIVERY - (because it's sharable)

(Vegeterian + A few gluten free hopefully)

Sunday Schedule

10am - Coffee & Croissants (hopefully).

3pm - Upload game to GGJ & chill 

4pm - Upload game to GGJ

5pm - Upload ga...

6pm - Gameplay demos + awards in the keynote theatre  

7pm+ AOB

Hardware & Software

Most people prefer to BYOD (bring their own device), laptop or even desktop, but we also have some guest accounts so visitors will be able to use 40+ curriculum PCs in the games lab, as well as additional 30  machines in the Works (Unity, .net, Adobe etc.)

If you want something to plug in to, rather than haul a monitor in, we also have (SOME) large displays & projectors for use. Currently 3 x 55"4k displays in the Foundry, as well as 10x 32" 1080p "floating" displays for use.

NB: As (currently) the largest UK jam site, there may be high demand for some of these items, so if you need something specific give Andy an email and he can advise as to available resources.

Food & Drink

As this is a FREE event, we only provide a huge delivery of Pizza on Saturday night, but we will also provide drinking fountains and plenty of Fruit to compensate for this and any sugary perks that may turn up at the kick-off of the event!

There are also a range of shops, cafes and the student union on site, with major supermarkets and retail parks with fast food (and healthy alternatives) within walking distance.  We also have a SubWay and Costa on site now as well as Starbucks in Core 24. (Subway opening hours to be confirmed).


There has been research taking place into the GGJ over the past two years. There is not any research scheduled for this jam, but see below notice about the use of video and social media. 


We think this year *could* be our biggest yet (fingers crossed!) and as a result we are going to be making a short video of the event. If you do not wish to be in this, you can let us know through the registration process or in person at any time.


It's healthy to take breaks. We reserve a couple of rooms for chilling out, or even grabbing 40 winks, so bring a pillow or something if you are not heading home for the night!  Please also bring additional  clothes in case you get cold.. It is January in the UK after all..  

*More details to follow. 

GameJam and hackathon events in the Foundry supported by @UWEBristol @UWEGames & @IoCoding


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18+ only
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