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The doors will be open from 3pm on Friday, and the Jam officially begins at 5pm. If you can't join us right away, you're welcome to drop in later and join one of the existing teams or start something on your own, or even just drop by to hang out and help around.

You will need to bring your own computers if using any.

There will be tea and coffee available throughout the jam.

Bring your own food! There's a microwave which on-site jammers can use, as well as a canteen to eat in if they wish.

We plan to have a snack pile people can contribute to and/or take from if they wish, however, so do feel free to participate in that.

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18+ only

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You are an old model of robot, soon to be replaced. Snap modular parts to your sockets and navigate a robot warehouse, blasting security drones as you go. Take a beating, your parts fall off?
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