Zoomouche is a game which consists of playing as a spider, eating flies and fixing your web between floating islands. You must constantly repair your webs, eating flies increase the experience of the spider, and thus her level with time. Getting levels enable the spider to get different types of webs, and add other island to build web on. Note : the game is 100% fully hand-crafted, no assets were used.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

After downloading the Google Drive folder thanks to the link below, open it and click on the document « Zoomouche.exe ». 


On the team picture, from the left to the right :


  • Oliver Miraciski (Sound Design/Game Design/Dev)
  • Estelle Limana (Game Design/UI Artist/Dev)
  • Rémy Kaddour (3D Artist/3D Animator)
  • Camille Seron (3D Artist/3D Animator/UI Artist)
  • Arthur Franch (2D.3D Artist)

We lived great moments during this event. We are a group of Master degree UX/UI students and it was our first Game Jam ever.
We wish to participate in others to develop our skills and learn more new things.
Thank you to the organizers for making it possible in the city of Toulon, for the first time.

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Game Tags: 
Point & Click