Ye Olde Repair Shoppe

Welcome to Ye Olde Repair Shoppe where you are the proud owner of a blacksmith shop that is the center of this special town. You know you are dying very soon of chronic illness that was common around the time period and area that you resided in. You had made it you life mission before you die to bring the town's old town heroes back together and save your once peaceful town! You are the blacksmith in this tale of heroic feat and adventure and the town's fate rests in your hands.
Jam year: 
Android device

Ethan Dean - Game Developer in Unity (C#). 2D animation and NPC character movement.

Hakim Ottey - Character Artist. Created the character sprites for all 5 heroes of the game.

Logan Doine - Graphic Designer in Adobe Photoshop, Unity and Adobe Illustrator. Game menu page layout and design.

Rick Simon - Game and Story Designer. Designed party character personalities and back stories, along with monsters and their quests.

Matthew "Hue" Henry - Professor / Game Developer. Coding lead and mentor.

James Nowdomski - Environment Asset and partial Character designer. Novice to Intermediate ability with pixel art and Adobe Photoshop. As of GGJ 2020 in January, this is his first semester at the University of Advancing Technology.

Abdulai Dallah - Game Developer. So far far I've done mostly level design and asset creation.

Daysha Freeman - Graphic Designer/Desktop Publishing in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Creator and editor of Wiki and Typography.

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