Trümmerfrauen - Women of Debris

A co-op game for two players where you can experience what it feels like to repair and rebuild your home after a long war. In remembrance of the many women ("Trümmerfrauen") which helped rebuild the country for their children, families and future generations. REQUIRES 2 XBOX CONTROLLERS
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Unsung heroines
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Requires 2 XBOX controllers. Pick up/put down: Press A-Button Use pickaxe: Press B-Button Wash debris: Hold B-Button Each player controls one Trümmerfrau. You can pick up debris by pressing A on your controller. One player can pick up the pick axe (press B) and use it to break down the huge chunks of debris into smaller pieces. Each piece needs to be washed in the nearby river (Hold B) to assess the material. 5 types of material exist: wood, brick, rubble, gold, trash. These material types need to processed or delivered to the construction sites to rebuild the hometown of the Trümmerfrauen. Can you work efficient enough to set a new highscore?

Antonia Boschert

Cedric Easton

Hannah Kümmel

Marius Mühleck

Ilona Treml

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