Rainbow Unicorn Rescue Unit

The Past: Sheila, the robot unicorn, once was the guardian of all of humanity. Her great times were a long time ago. She was stored away in a dusty warehouse and forgotten. But now, after years of waiting patiently, time has come for her to save people from their self-inflicted doom … again! +++ The Present: A few moments ago, Dr. Supercollider, an overambitious scientist, screwed up on his latest experiment, creating a tiny black hole. He was not able to contain it, so now it grows and threatens to extinguish humanity…again! +++ Instructions: Help Sheila to fulfill her destiny and save as many people as you can. Pick them up to provide them with rainbow power jetpacks. But beware of obstacles ahead as they will damage Sheila. However, keep in mind: Sheila is not the brand new robot unicorn she used to be. During the escape from the expanding black hole, you need to pick up spare parts to maintain Sheila…again and again! +++ In the main window: • To move Sheila, swipe or drag. • To repair, double tap Sheila or double click on her. In the repair window: • Drag and drop spare parts from the inventory to repair specific areas. Play WINDOWS: https://developer.cloud.unity3d.com/share/share.html?shareId=Wy5kEQFc_S Play MAC: https://developer.cloud.unity3d.com/share/share.html?shareId=bJBZf4Y9_S Play ONLINE: https://developer.cloud.unity3d.com/share/share.html?shareId=Z1wUnBKcur
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, Unity (any product)
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Point & Click
Side Scroller