What's Wrong With Your Planet?

这是一个以修复破损的星球为目的空间解密游戏,你是一个修复星球的人士,需要通过不断旋转让碎片达到特定的角度重新组合,在游戏过程中来探索这个星球曾经的故事。 玩家需要使用鼠标右键拉拽碎片旋转,通过鼠标左键点击旋转星球,当碎片们到达某个特殊的角度时,碎片便会组合成一个完整的物体。 玩家需要依次将星球,山脉,房屋,人员等拼接起来,当前可以拼接的物体边缘会发光,当物体完成拼接之后会有特殊的音效作为提示。 所有碎片拼接完成之后会出现游戏Logo,退出游戏,重新开始的按钮。 This is a game designed to fix a broken planet, and you're a planet-fixer who needs to reassemble debris at a specific angle by constantly rotating. Players need to press the right button of the mouse to pull the debris to rotate, rotate the planet by clicking the left button of the mouse, when the debris reaches a special angle, the fragments will be combined into a complete object. Players need to stitch together planets, mountains, houses, people, etc. In turn, the edges of objects that can currently be stitched will glow. When the objects are stitched together, special sound effects will be played as a prompt. After all, fragmentation is done, the game Logo appears, and players can choose to restart or exit the game. *拼图成功判定的代码尚待改进
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Unity (any product)
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