Weathering the Storm

A storm is coming and instead of vacating like suggested, you, your family, and your neighbors have decided to ride out the storm in your home.
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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  • Storm
    • Cause damage to the house that must be repaired
    • Create sources of damage that must be repaired
    • Cause coincidences that affect the players, house, damage, and sources of damage.
  • Players
    • Players can drop in/out at any time. But the amount of resources will not change.
    • Goal
      • Keep the house livable until the storm has ended by repairing damage and sources of damage to the house.
    • One shared deck of resource cards

How To Play

  • Phases of a Turn
    • Start
      • Draw one card from the storm deck (2 if you’re feeling lucky)
        • This card is placed face up and the immediate effects are felt.
          • If the immediate effects of this card are not dealt with, place it in the center where all players can see it.
      • Each player draws from the deck until their hand contains 3 cards.
      • Observe the effect of any Storm cards still in play.
    • Repair
      • Players play cards to repair damage and sources of damage to the house.
      • Players are able to combine their cards to repair damage
        • 2 fire + 3 water | 1 fire + 1 fire, etc.
    • End
      • Players may discard cards
  • Winning
    • Players win if the house have played all the storm cards and the house is still in a livable condition.
  • Losing
    • Players lose if the house is beyond repair and must be vacated.
      • 10 total damage at once
      • 3 sources of damage at once

Ron M Burgess

Jared M Burgess

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