Victoria lane : Detroit finest

You inherited a venerable Victorian house in Detroit from your grandma. Alas, the neighborhood took a hard blow after the collapse of the local industry. Long abandoned, houses have become unsafe and the municipality will soon come to demolish them. They agreed to keep some houses in memory of a glorious part. In your street, only one can remain standing… the one house that will look salvageable. But you can’t delay, the bulldozers are on their way! Save your beautiful house before it’s too late. CONTROLS Victoria Lane is played on a 4-player split-screen, with mobile phones as controllers. AIM OF THE GAME You have a run-down house to fix with 1 door, 2 windows and 1 roof. You get to play 1 action per turn. You can either fix a house part, put a shield on a fixed part, or play a “destroy” card that will target a player at random. The first player to place all 4 elements on his/her house wins the game.
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash), Generic mobile platform
Technology Notes: 
backend: SBT, scala, play framework Frontend: Nginx, Angular, Pixii. Node Hosting: Azure and Docker

Concept and realisation: Lincy Ellermeijer, Jur van Oerle, Heiko van der Heijden, Mike Hofstede, Coline Pannier

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