In a small village a Witch had her power stolen because of her misbehave. Help the Witch Kiki to recover her powers and solve some cursed problems from the people of her village. Find out how to create potions using different ingredients to dispel funny curses like being turn into a frog, a horse or a octopus.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Download the game, execute and have fun.


Credits to:
Bruno Petelin - Programmer
Fernando Mello de Amorim - Production
Gui Mendes - 2D art
Natália Sugano - 2D art
Ulisses Gandini Lopes da Silva - Programming

Thanks to all jamers that suppoerted us and for Fanatee to host the jam site and to provide the pizza, esfiha and others resources.
Thanks to Alan Turing from Bruno Petelin.
Also, thanks to Northnan for the incredibles musics. Here is his soundcloud: http://music.northnan.com.

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Point & Click