Time Heist

You and your friends are part of teams of time travelers. Two teams compete with each other to reach their ultimate goal: the PARADOX THIEVES, who want to steal history's most precious treasures, and the GUARDIANS OF TIME, who want to restore time and prevent its collapse. To play, both teams must choose players to be their respective captains; only the captains are allowed to look at the screen during the game. For each mission, the captains must look the century and category of the desired goal and tell the other players, who will try to guess what it is and win the goal for them. The captains must alternate giving clues about the object to their respective teams, but, after a clue is given, only the oposite team is allowed to guess. Each team may discuss and is allowed one guess per turn. The team who wins the goal is on step closer to conquering time. There are three types of game modes: Fast, Regular and Legend. In Fast mode, players compete for the best out of three missions, in Regular, for the best out of five of missions, and in Legend for the best out of seven missions.
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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You can play Time Heist on any browser, on any device. Just grab your friends and let's travel in time!


Gabriel Toschi: game design, research, UI design
David Rodrigues: front-end programming

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