Okay, here's our elevator pitch: They are Lizards. There is Lava. Try not to die. Ahhh! Seriously though, that basically wraps it up. Not satisfied? Fine, here's some plot for you nitpickers. A happy, peaceful race of lizard people lives cozily on top of a pedestal inside of a large vulcano. Don't ask, that's just where they live. That is, until one sunny day, everybody minding their own business, eating cotton-candy and chasing butterflies, a giant crack runs through the pedestal and, well, it breaks . A grim, fiery, but a least warm death awaits the entire race of the Lizardings as the Grim Reaper reaches for them with his not-so-cold grasp. Luckily they planned ahead for just this event. Hey, there's certain safety precautions to be made when you live atop a live vulcano. So there's Techno-Lizards. Yes, you read that right. Techno-Lizards. With grapplinghooks. Also, conveniently placed platforms at the bottom of the crater. And this is where you come into play. Take control of one of two Techno-Lizards. Grapple falling rubble and pieces of the destroyed city that are falling down. Use them to repair the pedestal and save your group of surviving Lizardings from certain death. Wait a second. Did I just say ONE of TWO Techno-Lizards? Yes, that's right, I did! BOOM, two players! Only problem is, there's not enough city-blocks for both of you to build that column up fast enough to escape the lava. So what can you do? Sit back like a little b**** and hope to get the lifesaving rubble first? No, you start grabbing chucks of lava and throw them over at those pieces of s*** over there that are stealing your blocks! Knock 'em into the lava! After all, the survival of your entire race is at stake and your group of Lizardings is way prettier. Smarter, too. It's the law of the vulcano baby, survival of the fittest!
Jam year: 
Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Affinity Designer
Installation Instructions: 

Keyboard Controls:

  Player 1 Player 2
Left A Left Arrow
Right D Right Arrow
Grapple / Start Game Space Numpad 1

You may press F9 to skip the intro. Gamepad Input is supported.

Windows build:

MacOS build:

Project files:


Marcos - The Sound-Summoner

Dennis - Lead-Programmer, Least-Sleeper

Gil - Spawner of Rocks, Friend of Dwayne

Max - Lizard-People-Suicide-Prevention-Hotline: +49-163-5552-066

Patrick - Grapplinghoooooooooooooooook!

Chris - And on the 8th day he created the Lizardings, and he saw they were good, and then they had to die.

Svole - Techno-Lizard! Whoop Whoop!

Sandy - Ahhhh!

Sven - Planning games, changing diapers.

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