Tale of moon

月传说是一款PC平台上以拼图解密为主要玩法的游戏。游戏讲述了月亮因为被天狗啃食而变得残缺不全,月之碎片散落在宇宙各地,月宫中的月兔收集碎片,重新修复月亮的故事。 在游戏中,玩家通过上下左右操控月兔,通过空格键拾取月亮碎片并拼接在合适的位置,最终完成月亮形状的拼图游戏。 Tale of moon is a PC game based on the theme of puzzle. This game tells a story that the moon is broken by Tiangou and the pieces of moon are in different corners of the universe. The moon rabbit has to collect all pieces of moon and repair the moon. In this game, players use direction keys to control the movement of rabbit and use space key to grasp and put down piece of moon. The purpose of this game is to put the pieces in right place and repair the moon finally.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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