Stronk Ship

You defend the Motherland in big stronk ship! Controls: Movement: WASD/Left-Stick Pickup: F (Keyboard) /B (Gamepad) Use: E (Keyboard) /X (Gamepad) Swap Items: Q (Keyboard) /Y (Gamepad) How to play: You play as a mechanic on a big chonky ship in order to defend the motherland. Your ship consists of 7 critical modules, that, when struck by an enemy torpedo, may catch on fire or be disabled. You need to maintain them by using 4 pickup items scattered around the ship: hardwire kit, fire extinguisher, shotgun and wrench. Extinguish fires with fire extinguisher and fix disabled parts (marked by blue sparks) with hardwire kit. If any of the modules are destroyed they need to be repaired with a wrench. Each modules plays a critical role in your ship: Shield generator: reduces incoming damage by 50% Torpedoe launcher: Allows you to fire hard hitting torpedoes manually, that reload over time Main cannon: fires automatically at your enemy Anti Aircraft weapon system: prevents boarding of your ship Door manipulation system: in case of destruction it shuts down a convenient shortcut to the bottom deck of your ship Engines: consist of 2 parts that can be damaged and destroyed, each one of them gives you a 12,5% chance to avoid enemy fire Cockpit: gives you a comfortable space to contemplate the greatness of the motherland In case of your ship getting boarded, get rid of your intruders by using SHOTGUN
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Unity (any product)
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