The Stein Conspiracy

"The Stein Conspiracy" is a two-player versus game for Android devices. Players try to repair a robot while simultaneously using abilities to disrupt the enemy player/robot. The player who's first to completely repair all robot parts wins the game. Your robot consists of 6 parts. Tap a part of the robot to start repairing it. In order to win, all six parts need to be repaired completely. Players need Brainium to repair the robot and use abilities. Brainium is generated by the brain icon at the bottom-center of the screen. It will generate continuously as long as no other action is triggered. Using any other action will stop the Brainium generation process. Abilities: Defense Matrix: Use the button at the top to defend against incoming attacks for a short time. Snoop: The leftmost ability lets you snoop at the enemy's robot and see its current construction status. While snooping, your own construction will stop. Fake News: The second ability triggers a fake alarm for the other player. Use this to distract your enemy. Overcharge: This ability temporarily doubles your repair speed. Make sure to have plenty of Brainium left to effectively make use of this effect. Break the Bank: This ability instantly fills your Brainium to the max. However, you get a Brainium debt that needs to be paid back. Use this for your last stretch.
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Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Autodesk Maya, Photon Engine, Adobe Photoshop, Audacity, ImageLine FL Studio 20, Substance Painter
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Copy or download the .apk file to two Android devices. Install the .apk on both devices. Launch game on both devices. The first player that presses start automatically creates a room and waits for another player to join. The game starts as soon as another player joins.

In rare cases, the players might not find each other if the play button is pressed at the exact time on both devices. Please wait a while (~1 second) until the room is open for the other player to join.


Antonio Bifulco   -   2D / 3D Art
Felix Schmidt   -   Programming
Gunnar Götzfried   -   Game Design
Marcel Timm   -   UI Design / Music
Maximilian Santa   -   Part-time Artist

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