Staurabo Mea

Repair and build up your mind, body, and soul in this realm. Work to rebuild your life from scratch and repair your broken soul. Protect your progress by upgrading your defenses to ward off your inner demons. Build an Amphitheater to increase your soul to win the game (Win at 1000). Build Libraries to gain mind, which you can spend on other buildings. Build Gyms to increase the health of all of your buildings. Build Markets to increase the production of your buildings. Build a Vice to distract demons, but at a cost to your production. Note from the Designer: As time ran short, there was no time to include a HUD for the tutorial. The intended messages are as follows: LEVEL 1: Build a Library by mousing over rubble and clicking LEVEL 2: Repair your library and upgrade it by clicking on it again and selecting one of the options LEVEL 3: Build another Library and upgrade LEVEL 4: Build an Amphitheater, and then you're free to go!
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Ben Slupik - Producer

Brian Leip - Gameplay Programmer, Writer

Conall Barrett -- Design

Gavin Dent - UI/Systems Design

Jack Sun - Programmer

Janay Maisano - Audio/Sound Design

Rachel Davis - Artist

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Point & Click