A Spirit Moving Ramen

You have inherited the old and broken down ramen shop from your late grandpa. The place is wrecked, so it's time to get it back into shape. But as you repair all the things, small gods claim these very things at their new home. The spirits of good ramen are returning to the restaurant! Can you coax them all into returning?
Jam year: 
Preaching to the Choir
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Godot Engine
Installation Instructions: 

If you have Godot 3.2; good. Just download the source and open in godot.

Otherwise use the provided binaries in the repo/download for your os (Windows/Linux. For Mac see the zip file) . However we noticed, that ui scaling in windows doesn't quite work, so beware.


Celina Ihler (@SeraHawk) — Art

Sarah Döllgast (@Ryokara3) — Art

Max Lange (@[email protected]) — Coding, Game Design

Thilo Brendel (@LordVonBre) — Writing, Game Design

We thank Martin Platte for the Sounds!

Also, a warm thanks to Jonna Greve (@zombie_ferret) and Luisa Höhne (@kaitans_art), for letting us use some of their old GGJ art!

And thanks to Gil, Nils, Duni, Dennis, Hark, Jonas, Rina, Robin, Alex and Sascha for preaching to the choir!

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