Spare parts

People in medieval England are very excited to host the smithing olympics! Use old and broken pieces to fulfill requests for colorful armour! This game is only playable with a controller. The goal of the game is to complete a certain number of requests, which are made of 4 pieces of armour each: legs, chest, head, and hands. Controls consist of using the left joystick to move around, interacting with objects using the X button (on ps4) or the A button (on xbox). The O (or B) button is used to complete a quick time event that requires precise timing, and dropping an item in hand is done using the square (or X) button. The player grabs an armor piece, drags it to the workbench to repair it, then places it on a white slab to confirm a part of the request. First one to complete 3 requests wins!
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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WARNING: this game requires controllers to play

Unpack and run Spare Parts.exe


Team Friendly Fire: Timo Bos, Aness Ahmad, Onur Balli, Thomas Ballais, Rudiger Burghout

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