The game revolves around finding the missing spaceships' pieces and repairing the broken spaceship. The player has to climb on moving platforms to acquire all the missing components of the spaceship in order to win the game.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine

Team Members

  • David Butterworth
  • Andrew Cobb
  • Sohaid Farooq
  • Kieron Naylor
  • Nikolai Nikolov
  • Alex Potts
  • Mariah Rodrigues


Project Lead - Kieron Naylor

Responsible for deadlines, time management, progress monitoring, organisation.


Lead Gameplay Programmer – Nikolai Nikolov

Gameplay Programmer – Sohaid Farooq

Responsible for programming gameplay elements (Assets, sounds, characters)


Level Designer – David Butterworth

Gameplay Designer – David Butterworth

Responsible for designing level and gameplay (layout, gameplay elements, victory conditions, premise of game, etc)


GitHub Manager – Sohaid Farooq

Responsible for management of GitHub Repository.


Lead Level Programmer – Andrew Cobb

Level Programmer – Alex Potts

Responsible for programming level elements (layout, objects, textures, etc.)


Lead Interaction Programmer – Kieron Naylor

Interaction Programmer – Mariah Rodrigues

Responsible for programming interaction elements (collision, doors, collection of key objects, moving parts, etc).


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