Spacemecanis is a little game made by our team of students and ex-students during the global game jam ! You're playing as space engineers who have the duty to repair spaceships ! The controls are designed for gamepads mainly, you'll need 2 gamepads to play because it is a two players game ! You can still play alone. It is just more difficult ! You have to repair ship parts using the tools you have. Do so by picking up ship parts with (A) when you are nearby and dropping them on workbenches. You'll then need to grab the appropriate tool : - the wrench for the weapons (front of the ships) - the uranium bar for reactors (bottom of the ships) - the soldering iron for wings (sides of the ships) When you have the tool equipped and the ship part placed on the workbench, press (X) multiple times when you're next to it to repair the part. Then place it back again on the spaceship. When a ship is fully repaired you can send it back by using the button associated to its airstrip, with (X) button. You can send back ships not repaired, you just won't get points. It depends on the available ship parts you already have or need, make your choices ! Have fuuuun !
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
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Made with Unreal Engine 4.24.2

The awesome team :
- Emmanuelle Aurela - Artist, Ex-student
- Camille Arnoux - Artist, Ex-student
- Benjamin Trouvat - Game Designer,Student
- Simon Cambay - Game Designer, Student
- Fabien Gachet - Game Designer, Student
- Gaëtan Croquefer - Programmer, Student
- Robin Cherpitel - Programmer, Student
- Benjamin Wagner - Programmer, Ex-Student
- Théo Barrand - Programmer, Student
- Benjamin de Pourquery - Programmer, Student


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