To turn the tide of a galactic battle, you and 3 friends must repair, refuel, and rearm space fighters as a pit crew. Unfortunately, the ships aren't the only problem! You must contend with explosions, fire, and alien slugs! Includes the primary repair mode, as well as a separate zombie slug survival mode. How to play: Press A to start once the level loads. When ships arrive, they will need repairs, refueling, reloading ammo, and reloading missiles. Grab an item from one of the dispensers, and place in the appropriate module to complete the task. You only have a limited time to work on each ship, so work fast, and cooperate with the other players! Controls: Played with a controller, Analog Stick/D-Pad to move, A to interact with items, Right Trigger to Sprint. Left Trigger to Dash. Right Trigger to use Extinguisher or Laser.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Used Blender to create 3D assets.
Installation Instructions: 

Extract the zip, navigate to the Builds folder and launch the .exe.


Team Pitstop:

Adam Mann - Developer

Kent Weiler - Developer, Music, SFX

Justin Cooney - Developer, 3D Modeler

Michael Roizman - Developer

Anthony Landgraf - 3D Modeler


SFX - 

Textures & Materials - 

3D Models - Anthony Landgraf

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