Space Stranding: That one time I woke up in an abandoned spaceship and was attacked by an Alien Overlord

[[UNFINISHED]] An Alien Horror in which you have to repair an escape pod to flee from an Alien hunting you down. Thousand years ago, Humans left earth, leaving robots on earth. You are one of these humans, a mechanic, working on a science ship thats supposed to find habitable planets. In the game made by: Lankea, MoonMoon and Hexadezimal, you can see what the robots on earth are up to now.
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Mi Casa es tu Casa
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Markus // Makrokosmos     Programming
Tawan // GaniGani                Musik
Oliver // SG Support              Level & Story
Tom                                          Graphik

Snaps Prototype | Sci-Fi / Industrial from Unitys Asset Store

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