Space Explorer

You are a space explorer. While travelling through a distant galaxy, your spaceship malfunctions and you are forced to crash land on the nearest planet, JAMMM-34T. Unfortunately, this planet is not only inhabited by hostile subterranean creatures but the atmosphere is also filled with poisonous gas. The crash renders you unconscious for a few hours. The native inhabitants nearby that witnessed the crash approach the crash site to investigate it. Curious about the broken parts of the spaceship, they carry the parts they can lift into their underground dwelling. Thankfully, you are in the largest part of the wreckage, the containment capsule which is designed to withstand crashes. As a result, you are left on the surface. When you awake, your robot assistant informs you of what transpired while you were unconscious. Now, you must race against time. Venture into the dark, underground dwelling to find the missing spaceship parts. Avoid the hostile natives and find all the parts before your oxygen runs out, lest you be killed by a native, or suffocated by the poisonous air.
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MS Windows, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
RPG Maker
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GIMP, Krita, Synfig Studio
Installation Instructions: 

First, install RPG maker

Then unzip the source file and then, inside the GameJam folder start Game.exe, and click new game.

At the start of the game press F1, go to the keyboard and change keybinding for C from - to L.
Use X to open your inventory


Photo by Yu Kato on Unsplash

Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash

Photo by Ryan Richards on Unsplash

Photo by Kirill Petropavlov on Unsplash

Music: Dark Emptiness - Jalastream

Mattia Cupelli - Royalty // Free Download Ambient Music ( Lighting System: Zeus Light & Shadows Khas Yanfly Space Ship: Xevin

Sound Effects: Imp Laugh - scorpion67890

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