Socket Up

Discover the papercraft world of Socket Up as a small, dysfunctional robot, who needs to repair his friends and himself. The USS. Jammer, a proud fully automated and AI-controlled, garbage vessel sent from Earth to terraform and colonize a far off planet, in an attempt to make a new home, for humans, as many have sadly already given up on repairing the Earth. Outfitted with an onboard, self-running, factory, that makes robots on the fly, out of the very garbage it is hauling, making sure that it would have all the workforce it would need for the work ahead of it. Alas, a glitch in the system accidentally activated it's Deep Fold Space Drive at the worst possible time and sent it, through a tear in the thin fibers of reality... Into a dimension called "Paper Space". In-between the sheets of reality are the Ship now float gently, at a cruising 1.4 Thread Speed, out of reach of the humans and with systems still going Haywire. In this dire situation, a tiny spark of hope recharged a battery in the lowest levels of the ship and booted up the most unlikely hero, a robot deemed nothing but scraps by the Ships AI and marked to be turned into spare parts for The Approved Robots. But being the only thing left in a, somewhat, working condition it is up to BUILD50 to get out of the Scrap heap, get past what faulty equipment that still poses a threat, while scavenging and fixing both machinery and fellow robots on its path, BUILD50 will have to show it has the Core to do what humans didn't and Repair his broken home and potential friends.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
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Unity (any product)

Nils "Gecko" Munch

Jonas Lohardt Havlykke

Daniel "Zenreth" Thomsen

Jill L Petersen

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