Sky traveler

In this 3D plate-former you crashed on a sky island and you need to fix your balloon to continue your journey. You need to explore the archipelago of island next to your ship to gather some stuff to repair it. You are able to jump, sprint, walk on clouds and pick some materials. Well, that's what we wanted to do at the beginning! Tips: if you fall too often from the island you'll lose all your stuff. A first years project.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Houdini, Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
We also used Maya for the gear, the ruins...

Léonard Nirouet: the Great Team Leader

Lilas Boulet: texture artist, 3D modelisator, funny

Philippine Gadeau: texture artist, 3D modelisator, rocks master

Paul Cerceau: 3D modelisator, 2D artist, tree lover

Charlotte Pereira: game designer, 'I can't, I have poney'

Samuel Clastre: game designer, failer (saturday <3)

Tom Clavel: smoke designer, traveler


GAME-1, first 3D game, first year, first time with all the softwares


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Third Person