Rocket Repair

You are embarking on an adventure into space but your rocket is in trouble! Spaceman Sid tried his best to make his rocket sturdy before he departed for his mission, but, there will always be those pesky asteroids that seem to come out of NOWHERE. Such impacts, with explosions so powerful, could endanger Spaceman Sid and obliterate his beloved rocket, piece by piece. If the rocket is damaged, then we will need a talented engineer to repair the panel pieces by drawing them onto our trusty sketch pad. Fallen pieces of the rocket must be repaired and sketched on the rocket-repair sketch pad. If parts sketched are suitable replacements for the lost parts on Spaceman Sid's rocket then the engineer must drag their sketches onto the rocket on the parts in need of repair. If successful, Spaceman Sid will be able to continue his mission into space and may even be back home in time for tea. Can you help him?
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Mac OS X
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