Mushrooms cards game with 3d augmented reality! Shroom Punk is a fun and educative AR game for children and adults. During the game players learn mushroom species, they learn to identify whether the mushroom is eatable or not and how to prepare / cook particular mushroom. Game is based on physical play-cards (48 Mushroom Cards, approx. 4...6 different Event Cards) and an AR app. The content of the card is displayed in 3D at the top of the card using smartphone camera. Game is for 2...5 players. Players has to add Mushroom Cards into the row, ordered according to edibility of the mushrooms, players get points according to how precisely they place their Mushroom Card into the row of Mushroom Cards. Game mechanics. Starting Setup: (-) Every player gets 3 Mushroom Cards. (-) Every player gets 1 Event Cards (-) Players choose who starts. (-) Starting player plays the Card Game play sequence: (-) Player plays an Event Card (if any) (-) Player plays a Mushroom Card - if player places Card right, gets the point. (-) Player draws a new Mushroom Card from the Deck. (-) Event Cards are allowed to draw by randomised sequence (-) Every Player can hold maximum 2 Event Cards - if one gets the 3rd card, then player has to discard one of the three Event Cards Some Event Card ideas/samples: (-) Cancel Event (targeting You) (-) Can exchange 1 Card to one random player (-) Every player passes one Card to the neighbouring player (targeting player chooses clockwise or counter-clockwise). (-) Targeted player discards one Card on targeting players’ choice (-) Player can acquire new Mushroom Card from the Deck and discard one card on that players’ own choice (-) Tip from AI (-) Worms (-) Rain (-) Mushroom picker Winner is the player who collects the most points.
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Android device, iPhone, iPad
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Unity (any product)
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