Save Me!

Save Me! is a board game meant to be played by four players as a competitive turn-based racing experience. The game is about forest restoration, each player goal is to be the first to restore their segment of the forest. The game is resource based- these resources effect progression. (positive/negative) Draw from either deck by special die roll(Special die yet to be explained below in attached files) Using the resource's and action cards players may speed up their advancement or intervene in other players advancements. Team Save Me! Hopes you enjoy our game and presentation.
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
Technology Notes: 
All the game parts were hand-made using Corrugated fiberboard, foam board and thick A3 Papers.

Made by -
Game Desingers : Nadav Litver, Afik Yaari.
Art and Production :  Elinor Cherkes, Haya Mansour, Haneen Nusseir, Afik Yaari ,Jonathan Freidman ,Hila Levi
Theme and Narrative design : Jonathan Freidman




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