Saturn's Emergency

A space ship that was traveling to Neptune on an exploration mission, got hit by an asteroid while passing through Saturn's rings. The ship's AI had to emergency land on Saturn because it was no longer capable of space travel in the state that it was in. An astronaut engineer was woken up from his hibernation pod to repair the ship. In this game you play as the astronaut engineer that was woken up. Your objective is to repair the space ship so that you continue your mission of exploring Neptune. the cargo of the ship got scattered around the map because of the impact of the emergency landing, You have to find it because it contains the equipment necessary to repair the ship. While looking for the cargo you need to watch your oxygen level and recharge it when necessary. You also have to look out for the aliens that live on Saturn’s surface and fight them when they spot you.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Game Stills: 
Game Tags: 
Third Person