Runes'N Bolts

Hey you. Yes, YOU! You want to play a Tower Defense but your friend invited herself home? Don’t you worry, Runes’N Bolts is the game you need. Your friend invited two others and they are pillaging your fridge? We can’t do anything about the beers they drank, but Runes’N Bolts will keep them busy for a while! This masterpiece is a competitive multiplayer tower defense game. In it, you will be lead to command armies of golems spawning continuously, defeat your foes with your wands, repair the fallen minions and capture towers that will defend your portal. Mind our words. Don’t let too many of those golems pass your portal and invade your country, or you might die. Implemented features: 1) defeated golems drop gemstones that will allow you to build/convert towers or repair fallen golems; 2) you can pick up to two gems at the same time; 3) if your wizard dies or if a foe pass your portal, you lose a point (displayed on the portal). The first to reach 0 loses and pay a beer to the others (rules are rules); 4) GAMEPADS ARE NECESSARY TO PLAY, others inputs are not supported at the moment, sorry! New features to come (follow the url provided!): 1) sound design implemented; 2) gemstones can be converted to four elements; 3) mixing elements will have various effects on both you, the golems and the towers; 4) more maps and more interactions with the environment; 5) and more fun! Sincerely yours, The Runes’N Bolts Team
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Pierre-Henri Parisod graphic design

Robin Petermann programming

Jean-Pierre Salvana 2D animation

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