RPG Mender

UNFINISHED! Game link is to download our unfinished Unity Project, and video link is to the awesome .wav background track made by Beagle Music Labs, check it out! Game Decription: "A hunter treads carefully through the trees, pulling his bowstring back to sneak up on the enemy orc camp. Just as he goes to shoot, you hear a *crack*! His bow, after one too many uses, has cracked in two. A valiant knight marches into battle, yelling valiantly, sword held high overhead. Just as she swings the sword down on her enemies, she hears a dull thud - she has forgotten to sharpen the blade. If only there was a brave soul out there who could assist these mighty warriors. In this game, that soul is you. Take on as many adventurers' invoices as you can in each day to increase your reputation as the most highly regarded mender in the land. In the dog-eats-dog world of repairing, reputation is everything. The more tasks you take on and the quicker you perform them, the more adventurers will come to seek your aid. Expand your humble forge to include a woodshop and even an enchanter's table as your expertise grows. From smelting at just the right heat to imbuing just the right element, each task you must complete will have its own unique mini-challenge, keeping you on your toes. Complete the list of tasks efficiently and in the correct order to fulfill that invoice, and keep your customers happy! The higher your reputation grows, who knows what kind of characters might come through that door..."
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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