Rodent Rampage

Rules of the game Rodent Rampage is a 3 vs. 1 local multiplayer game for 4 people. All hell broke lose in the mousetrap factory. Two enemies are fighting against each other. The mouse gnawing the cables of the machines tries to destroy the factory, while the three mechanics – hammering, oiling and screwing –try to bring everything back to work again. Chaos all inclusive. The factory is seperated into several rooms all connected by the central room where all the tools necessary for the repairs are located, while the other rooms contain the machines. The central room needs to be traversed every time the mechanics want to access another room. The fast and agile mouse, however, can travel from room to room by escaping through its little mouseholes. Mechanics! Do everything in your power and get the right tools to fix all of the damage that damn rodent caused! Mouse! Gnaw yourself through cables and machines and lay waste to that death-trap factory!
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Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
MS Windows, Linux / Unix
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Unity (any product)
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The version uploaded during the jam mistakenly contains an archive of an even earlier version. A smaller archive that contains the exact same build can be downloaded on GitHub (under "Releases").


The keys are as located on a QWERTY keyboard, but it should work with different layouts as well!
The gamepad buttons are indicated as on a XBox controller.

Up to four connected gamepads can be used to control the game. In the order the characters are listed here, the controls will be on the gamepad instead of the keyboard.

E.g. If one gamepad is connected the mouse will use gamepad controls and the three mechanics will use keyboard controls.
If two gamepads are connected the mouse and the red mechanic will be controlled via gamepad. And so on..

To gnaw on a machine, hold the button, while standing in the red transparent cube attached to it (the interaction zone).
To repair a machine, hold the button while carrying the appropriate tool and standing in the interaction zone.
If you are holding a tool, you can throw it by holding and releasing the corresponding button. The longer you hold the button, the further you throw!

Keyboard Controls

Mouse (use your left hand on the keyboard)

  • Numpad 8456 move
  • Numpad 9 gnaw

Red Mechanic (use your right hand on the keyboard)

  • TFGH move
  • Y pick up/throw tool
  • R repair

Green Mechanic (use your left hand on the keyboard)

  • IJKL move
  • U pick up/throw tool
  • O repair

Blue Mechanic (use your right hand on the keyboard)

  • WASD move
  • E pick up/throw tool
  • Q repair

Gamepad Controls


  • Left Stick move
  • A (south) gnaw


  • Left Stick move
  • X (west) pick up/throw tool
  • A (south) repair
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Third Person