Robot Repo

Compete 1v1 repairing broken robots by matching heads with legs and send them to attack your enemy! Don't let enemy robots reach your side or else they blow up and you lose a life. Lose 5 lives and it's game over. Requires one controller, mouse, keyboard to play Controls ---- Left click to advance from title screen Left player: W,a,s,d - select part, select lane Left shift - confirm part, confirm lane Right player: D pad on controller - select part, select lane Button face button on controller (e.g. A on Xbox or X on PlayStation) - confirm part, confirm lane Left click to make menu selections
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Drew Nicolo - Developer

Richard Van Tassel - Developer

Bryan Bamford - Design/UI Developer

Philip Edwards - Sound

Robert Samson-Krebs - Sprite artist/animator

Leeneth Jennings- Artist

Ethan Jennings - Artist/Sound

Rodrigo Alonzo - Artist

Kenny Owona- Developer

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