RoboLazerz is a competitive strategic board game. The game is composed of a 5x5 board and a deck of 60 tiles. Each player starts with a hand of three tiles randomly drawn from the deck. The initial setup involves placing three units per player at the opposite edges of the board. There are four possible tiles: green tile, this tile allows the units to move on the board; laser tile: this tile allows the units to attack adjacent units (based on the direction the red arrow) when they move on a tile; shield tile, this tile allows the units to protect from adjacent laser tiles based on the direction of the shield; trap tile, this tile destroys instantly all the units that step in. Every tile has four numbers that decide the next move for every unit. Every unit moves automatically at the end of the player's turn and move into an adjacent tile if there is a green connection between the two tiles and following the order of the numbers. In case multiple units move at the same time, the player should maximize the number of units' moves. The match ends when one of the two players has destroyed all the opponents' units or if the board has been completed (no empty tiles left). The player with more units wins the game.
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)

Game designed by Daniele Gravina and Antonios Liapis.

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