Rhythm Test

This is my first introduction to a Game Jam, and I thought spending this one learning certain tools would be the most helpful to me this year. I always wanted to incorporate a rhythm aspect to a game, so I wanted to learn the backend of how these games work. This small demonstration is heavily inspired from Crypt of the Necrodancer, where I used some of its music for testing (removed in the final distribution). The original concept was some idea where the idea of 'Repair' followed the work of a blacksmith apprentice who is helping in a smithy that was once very popular but was destroyed/lost reputation. Segments of building/repairing tools would be incorporated with a rhythm game style, where the better you do in the song, the better your tool was (and potentially alter or improve the tool's stats or something). I may work on this randomly as a hobby to potentially see what it may become. Thanks to the Jammers in my area for supporting me through being a newbie and I look forward to more fully participating in the future!
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