Concept: Our little friend robot has seen better days, before the end of his labor days he was a workman with his fellow robot friend, but as any tecnology, there has to be a better version of tecnology and as expected new and better looking robots appear, not as intelligent as him cause after all those updates after years and years working for the humans he started to understand human emotions and replicate them, but as said before our fellow workman robot has to be replaced and all the old version robots like him got dumped to the yunkjard where the real journy to our frind starts, he wakes up without knowing what happened and how he got there and as he stood up realized he was at a cementery where robots just like him got dumped. He keeps walking until he sees his fellow robot friend almost unrecognizable, almost at the point of crying he decides that his frind will not have the same end as all the sorrounding robots, so to help his friend robot he needs to find the right pieces to repair him, but the task is never as easy as it sounds, he will have to avoid the new and tougher robots, search for upgrades to have a chance of getting out alive, every level has it's own risk and difficulty, can our robot hero make it on time to save his friend.
Jam year: 
Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Gildardo Hernandez Dominguez
Rafael Ortiz Ramos
Fernando Estrada Becerra
Luis Arturo Rodriguez Gonzaga
Omar Enrique Cayon Moller
Eduardo Arturo Argente Montes
Francisco Velazquez Padilla
Ometeoyotzin Norrigan García
Ricardo Quiroz García
Arturo Fabricio Magos Villalpando
David Avila Sanchez
Diana Ontiveros Hernández

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