Repair Fighter 5

2D-Fighting game inspired by the Street Fighter franchise. First one to full health LOOSES! In a reverse fight where each fighter starts at 1 health point, players must REPAIR each other. The reverse fight uses various combos to REPAIR each other. The loser must go back to the terrible yet off screen job while the winner gets to lounge until challenged again. This reverse fight consists of three phases depending on the amount of health. You as your gain more health you gain more of your limbs back and can perform more moves. How to play over network: Computer 1: Press " ` " in game Enter open scrap?listen Computer 2: Get Computer 1 IP Press " ` " in game Enter Open "Computer 1 IP" Xbox Controller input: Light Punch = X Heavy Punch = Y (Third phase only) Light Kick = A Heavy Kick = B (Third phase only) Jump = Left Stick Direction UP Move = Left Stick Direction LEFT and RIGHT Grab = Left stick direction BACK to FORWARD half circle + X (Grappler Specific, Third phase only) Undouken = Left stick direction DOWN to FORWARD quarter circle + X (Brawler Specific, Third phase only) Shriuken = Left stick direction FORWARD to DOWN to FORWARD quarter circle = X (Brawler Specific, Third phase only)
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
Adobe Creative Suite 3Ds Max Maya Visual Studio


Brandon Anthony - Concept Artist

Michael Brown - Modeler

Patrick Burkhard - UI Designer

Salo Garcia - Sound/Particle Designer/ Game Tester

Jiovanni Gonzeles - Level Designer

Carol Miller - Modeler

Michael Osborne - Programer/Project Lead

Devin Richardson - Modeler

Drew Sander - Animator/Game Tester

Patrick Scoggin - Modeler

Anthony Sgambati - Modoler/Animator

Chris Smith - Sound Designer

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