Repair Me

The ”Repair Me” game is for educational purposes, trying to entertain you and at the same time give you interesting facts to think about even after it's over. The concept is based on the fact that each player takes a certain card haphazardly showing what he / she needs to repair on the respective item / machine / item. After answering questions randomly withdrawn from the player, he gradually "repairs his machine". Each one's game starts only after he rolls a dice and gets a 5. Playing he encounters various challenges such as winning 1,2,3 or 4 points; to lose 1,2 or 3 points; to miss a move; to draw a blue question or a yellow question; to teleport. There is a special rule that if a player hits four times on a field that takes away their number of points, they should be able to recover the points they have lost during the last hit of such a field, at the 5th hit on a field that takes away his / her points. He goes to the island where all the dreams come true and he throws a dice. If it falls 4 - its points return from the last (fourth) time. If a player gets on the special red card, he throws the special dice and does what he likes with an optional player. Before you start playing, look carefully at the instructions. To complete the game one player must collect 20 points. The game is played by 2 - 5 players. It is recommended to play from 9 to old age. Enjoy the game!
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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