A 2D top-down casual videogame that puts you in the role of a politician that is repairing and breaking roads to gain votes while avoiding the police. The Story so far: You are a politician that wants to win the elections. To win the elections, you need votes. To get votes you have to fix roads. Your secretary helps you get more votes by telling you which roads to fix to get more votes. But, run out of roads to fix since everything is fixed. You break already fixed roads and fix them again to gain votes. But you can't be caught by the police breaking roads and get thrown into prison. But you can use cash to pay them off, be careful not to run out of cash! Happy Campaigning! Don't get caught! Controls Move WASD (Directional Buttons), X for the Hammer, and Y for the Pickaxe. Use the hammer to fix the road. Use the pickaxe to break the road.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Road Roller Riders 

Lead Game Design, Narrative Design & Production
Janyl Lambee L. Tanoy

Programming and Game Design
Dyle Ouano

Concept Art & Character Design
Keicyanyan (twt: @keicyanyanart)

UI Design, Sprite Design, Sprite Animation & Environment 
Jankumiko (ig/twt: @haninichuu)

Sprite Design and Animation
ayinvui (ig/twt/artstation: @ayinvui) 

Sound Design and Composer

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