ReLair: Dungeon Makeover

ReLair: Dungeon Makeover takes the formula of dungeon crawlers and turns it upside-down. Instead of raiding catacombs and stealing treasures, join the famous and prestigious Guild of Repairers, a group of volunteers that helps monsters by cleaning, restoring and renewing their underground home. Collect materials, fix broken furniture and make friends with the Evil Lords while you fight your common, worst enemies: greedy and insolent adventurers. Gotta be very quick, tho: there's not much time before the next "hero" enters your fresh new lair. Use WASD to move and SPACE to interact.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Clip Studio Paint, GitHub, FL Studio, Audacity, Fungus plugin

Lorenzo Damiano: story and world, game design, level design | LinkedIn: Lorenzo Damiano | Twitter: @Zeren_42 | [email protected]

Matteo Albertini: sound design, composing, sfx | IG: teo_dub | [email protected]

Ninnidei: concept art, visuals, animations, character design | instagram: @ninni_dei | [email protected]

Simone Pieri: programming, playtesting |  Linkedin: Simone Pieri | Instagram @rorik_bw | email: [email protected]

Riccardo Pambianco: programming, playtesting | Linkedin: Riccardo Pambianco | Instagram @riccardo_pambianco | Twitter @RPambianco | email: [email protected]

Some SFX come from Vigamus Audio Library

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