Repairing is the art of making things whole again (or, even, for the first time). Often, this happens by matching pairs. The real challenge is: can you find the right, missing piece, in a world of other pieces that may look all very similar? Re-Pair takes this concept as a small puzzle game of perception and speed. Repair the vases by correctly matching their pairs under the time limit. But beware: Don't let the chill original music distract you from the task at hand. Just take a look at the highlighted piece at the top of the screen, and try to click on the (only) one that completes it, following its drawing and shape patterns. We loved making this game. We love games like Hidden Folks, which was a kind of inspiration for us to throw in the mix with our design approach on the Jam's theme. It was also a way to learn how to use the Phaser Game Development Framework. We have several ideas to improve the game that we didn't have time to implement during the jam, but we hope everyone like it as it already is! The game is also moddable, so read below on how to do it. Follow the official game page here:
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Native Sound
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Code/Engine: Phaser 3, Javascript •• Art: Adobe Photoshop •• Music: Famitracker, Madtracker
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This is a web game, so in order to run it you need a server. Due to browser security restrictions, you need to upload it to any server and access it via URL. Another option is to run a simple local server using Mamp (or any similar) or even the Python Simple Server. But if this is too much for you, just go for the web-playable version:

There's no need to build or compile the game: the source files/folder is also the runnable version, as long as you follow the server requirement mentioned above. After that, just follow the path right into the game.html file and the game will run. The default resolution is 1280x800, so running the game in fullscreen (with the sound on!) is recommended for the best experience.

Re-Pair is also moddable. By changing the screen_width and screen_height variables (at lines 21, 22 on game.html) the game will change the size of the game area, but don't worry: it'll reorder itself automatically to render more or less pieces, and also rebalance its score multiplier. This directly impacts the game difficulty, so experiment as much as you want! The other parameters are carefully balanced to give the correct experience, so changing them is not recommended, but the board size was specifically designed for everyone to change it and feel different ways to play!


• Game Design: Adrian Laubisch, Carolina Caravana

• Code: Adrian Laubisch

• Art: Carolina Caravana

• Music/SFX: William Watanabe

• Special thanks to the awesome people at Aiyra's GGJ20 Jam Site!

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