Lead your crew of cats to a new life in the stars. Just make sure to repair your ship! After cats and dogs have usurped mankind as the dominant species, the Earth has become inhospitable. As the last remaining cats, you must fly the Purrigible to the Great Ceiling Cat in the Sky to avoid a fate worse than death: being blown to smithereens by dog pirates. Use the harpoons to grab birds to fly your ship, shoot down the dog pirate ship with your trusty cannons, and repair your ship to survive in this 4-player co-op game! "Cats rule and dogs drool!" -Sassy, Homeward Bound: the Incredible Journey (1993) Controls (4 USB Controllers Required): Use the Left Stick to Move Press A to Jump Manning a Cannon/Harpoon or Firing Thrusters: Stand on object and hold B Aiming a Cannon/Harpoon: Up/Down on Left Stick while holding B Firing a Cannon/Harpoon: RT while holding B Repairing the Ship: Press B in front of Box, then go to explosions on ship and press B Destroy the Dog Pirate Ship with the cannons! Catch birds with your Harpoons, and fire up the Thrusters to reach the great Ceiling Cat in the Sky faster!
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A kind of cooperation (sponsored by Sony Interactive Entertainment)
MS Windows, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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4 USB Controllers Required (XBOX 360 or XBOX One)
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Team Purrservatives:
Alicia Andrew: Gameplay Programmer, Illustrator, Game Designer
Adam Starks: Gameplay Programmer, Sound Designer, Audio Integrator, Game Designer
Kyle Reinfeld: Gameplay Programmer, Illustrator, Game Designer 
Luis Martinez: Illustrator, Game Designer
Jeff McMillen: Gameplay Programmer, Illustrator, Composer, Sound Designer, Game Designer

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Side Scroller
Third Person