Project: Cleanup

"I clean up the mess before your parents stress." You play the owner of a company that specializes on cleaning up the aftermath of excessive house partys. Before the parents come home you have to mop up puddles, repair broken objects, escort passed out drunkards who don't want to leave outside and pull the parents' car out of the pool.
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MS Windows
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This is a Unity 2019.3 project. Open the folder "UnityProjectCleanup" located in the .zip file as a Unity 2019.3 project.



Unzip the file and run the UnityProjectCleanup.exe file.


How To Play:

Movement: WASD Keys, Arrow Keys, or Left Gamepad Stick

Interaction: F Key or Gamepad A Button (on XBox layout)

Interact with the trunk of your van to change tools. Objects that are interactable with your current tool are highlighted with a glow. Complete all tasks before the timer runs out and the parents come home.


  • Hands: Carry drunkards to your van. Press interact to pick them up. Caution! Drunkards throw up when their progress bar is empty.
  • Mop: Mop up puddles. Press interact repeatedly until the puddle is mopped up.
  • Wrench: Repair broken objects. Hold interact until the progress bar is filled and the object is repaired.
  • Bag: Collect bottles. Walk up to a bottle to collect it.

Kevin Eberle
Iannis Albert

Florian Bennert
Pia Ulrich

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