Pit Stop Space

A two-player game about a pit stop for racing spaceships! Fetch the correct items on the treadmills and then repair the spaceships that stop by - as fast as possible. This will require a lot of collaboration between the two players, because each player only has access to one side of the ship! Controls: Player 1 uses W A S D Player 2 uses the directional arrows How to play: Use [W and S] and [up and down arrows] to move the robots up and down. Use [A and D] and [left and right arrows] to pick an item from the treadmill and place it on the respective malfunctioning slot in the spaceship. Fix everything as soon as you can to send the spaceship away and get more points! The robots have only ten seconds before the ships return to the race. If the time is up and something is wrong with the ship, the players lose a life. Lose 3 lives and hello darkness my old friend, it's game over, the race is lost. How many ships can you fix without losing 3 lives??
Jam year: 
A kind of cooperation (sponsored by Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Adobe Photoshop, Aseprite, Pyxel Edit.
Installation Instructions: 

1 - Download the zipped file (PitStopSpace.zip) and decompress the folder.

2 - Click on the .exe file to play on your computer!


Bernardo Herdy - Music

Luís Filipe Oliveira - Programming & Game Design

Lukas Takatani - Programming & Game Design

Mariana Allen - Art & Game Design

Rafael Araújo - Animation & Game Design

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