One Men's Trash

Mechanics: Top-Down, Exploration, Puzzle. The player can move around and collect pieces around the scene. It has a slot for head, arms and legs. If he takes another piece that already occupies a slot, the character will discard the current piece on the floor and replace it with this new piece he has collected. The player can discard any piece he is using at anytime and anywhere in the game, if he discards near a carcass, he will start to complete it and when filling all the spaces, the new built robot will inform how he is feeling using these parts with which it was assembled. The defeat condition is to dress the main Robot completely, and the victory condition is to dress all the robots with the parts that makes them happy. Game proposal: A little robot wakes up in a junkyard and when exploring it finds spare parts that he can attach to his body. During his exploration he discovers carcasses of other robots, compatible with the pieces scattered by the scrap metal. He has the option of taking the parts or giving them to the other robots, but when he takes them for himself, he does not feel satisfied and disassembles himself. From there he starts to deliver the parts to the other robots, trying to find out which ones are compatible with each robot. Robots respond when receiving a part and the correct assembly will not always be ideal, as they have different desires regarding their abilities. When assembling everyone according to his wishes, there are no parts left for the little robot and he ends up discovering that to feel complete, he just needed company.
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Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Unpack the zip archive named "One Men's Trash" and run the exe.



  • Breno de Oliveira Almeida;
  • Cintia Saori Oshiyama Oliveira;
  • Isabele de Siqueira Gonçalves;
  • Matheus Marcos Alves;
  • Michelle Freo.

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  • Cartoon Pops – Vilkas_Sound
  • R2 Talk – mik300z
  • A Walk With Stop – straget
  • Memoir of Solitude – Borrtex
  • Ship Engine – monotraum
  • Hattab margaux 2017 2018  airplane propeller – iut_Paris8
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