Obsolete is a narrative adventure with physical puzzles. In a faraway future, you must repair a human-robot with old technology because you are an Old Man (player) with low empathy for the new technology and for the people. In the gameplay we need to resolve different puzzles with mechanic & physical objects (like telegraph for Morse code), this gives you the keys and code that you need for your progress. Obsolete is a brutal story about human obsolescence.
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.), MS Windows, Mac OS X
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GameMaker (any product)
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Game Maker Studio 2 

Complete Project Game Source.

Arduino Source

Morse Code Puzzle

Colore Temperature Puzzle

Maps Puzzle



Nosetronicos: Game Design. Ayose: Visuals, GameMaker. Franklin: Music and Sound, Arduino, Puzzle Design. Leonardo: Arduino, Crafting, Puzzle Design. Andreina: Crafting, Puzzle Design. Neneskha: Crafting, Puzzle Design.

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