You were the kingdom's strongest defender. A necromancer so feared throughout the land that no enemy dared challenge you. Until tonight. You were on your evening walk with your minion, when you heard a chant coming from the nearby woods. Suddenly, your minion exploded in gore and parts across the entire village, and you could see rival necromancers gathering up all the parts they could. You returned to your workshop and gathered some rudimentary parts to form a minor minion, and now must challenge the usurpers to salvage stronger parts and repair your minion to its previous glory. Then, whenn you are ready, investigate the chanting in the woods to the southeast that somehow destroyed your previous minion.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Aimee Branine
Dirk Dieters
    Menu and overworld programming
Cayman Kline
    Battle and enemy programming
James York
    Player monster programming
Aidan Wright
    Level design and story

Sound, Tileset and UI assets

"Be Chillin", "Cockroaches", "Creepy Hallow" - Alexander Nakarada
 "Sommerdellen"  - Krill.minima
"Gothamlicious" - Rafael Krux
"Night Attack" - Kevin MacLead

Special thanks to the GGJ and UCCS Staff

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