My Bush is on Fire

There's a wildfire on, and only the mighty Steve-o can save the koalas and trees of Australia from extinction. Load up your Super Soaker and head to the outback. Your country needs you. (Or someone else's country, idk). Just play the goddamn game. How to Play - Download Buildbox (free) and you can edit/mod the .bbdoc file attached and play the game. - Spacebar to jump, Q to shoot left, E to shoot Right TIPS: - If you can hear burning or a koala screaming, there's more of them to save - Flat Earthers rejoice. You can find the edges of the earth on either side of the map, and swan dive off it Please consider donating to help animals affected by Australia's wildfire crisis. What we made - Basic Platformer game mechanics (run,jump, shoot) - Didgeridoo Hip hop Music and sound effects by our teammate Jesper - Burning trees+koalas - water + fire = no more fire + happy tree/Koala - 95% of the art (everything except the cliffs and bones which are from Freepik) - Good ol' Steve-o
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash), Android device
Technology Notes: 
Buildbox, Adobe Illustrator
Installation Instructions: 

Download Buildbox (free and only like 20mb), play the game by opening the .bbdoc file. You can also mod it pretty easily. 

We only have a free license so desktop export was unfortunately not possible.


Sam Lane




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Side Scroller