Moska-Jaska's Repair Impair

Moska-Jaska's Repair Impair puts the player in the role of Moska-Jaska, an all-around car mechanic prodigy. In this game he gets three clients, each with their own object that needs repairing. By playing a series of reaction-based mini games with finesse, Jaska can repair everything with his trusty toolset... or not. *** Key features: - Fast, reaction-based gameplay! - Moral choices - decide if you want to do proper job or half-ass the whole thing! - Unique dialogue for different outcomes for both Jaska and the clients! *** The game is best played with a controller. When the job starts, try to find points of interest from the presented object by using the analogue stick or the directional pad depending on which one works (this is a feature we swear) or directional buttons on keyboard. When the cursor reacts to a spot, press the A button of the controller (or A on the keyboard) to begin repairing the spot. You have five seconds to reach the target amount of correct inputs per spot, and when all three spots are done, you're done and will see the exchange between Jaska and the client.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Tools used: Frequency Generator, PaintTool SAI

Yuho - Design, UI elements, sounds

Eiliakins - Art

Janne Mustaniemi - Programming

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